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The Yangshuo Climate

The Yangshuo climate is an interesting mix of the tropical weather which comes up from the South and the cooler more temperate weather which comes down from the North.

As such it is not easy to predict the weather pattern for a given year as each year is different depending on larger scale weather patterns.

There are general trends which can be taken into account though:

January – Winter: Quite cold but snow and frost is very unlikely. Temperatures will be 5 – 10 ℃probably, but sunshine is possible which makes things more comfortable.
Tai Chi is possible in the covered practice area with plenty of warm clothes.

February – Winter: Still quite cold and can be wet, but this is not a bad time to start a long period of study.
Some years have a dry sunny winter and so this period can be beautiful and suprisingly warm at times.

March – Early Spring:Temperatures rise a bit 10 – 15 ℃. It can be quite wet but this doesn’t disturb the Tai Chi training and so this is a good time to study at the school.

April – Late Spring: Temperatures rise to 15 – 20 ℃ perhaps and there is a higher chance of ‘perfect’ weather but it can also be a wet period some years. This is a very nice time to study Tai Chi in Yangshuo.

May – Early Summer: Temperatures are 20 – 30 ℃ increasing through the month as Yangshuo moves into Summer. This is a beautiful time for most of China.

June – Early Summer: As May but slightly hotter. Tai Chi is best practiced out of the sun, early and late in the day.

July / August – Summer: Temperatures are often hot 28 – 34 ℃ and humidity is high. Many days will be sunny and beautiful and this is a peak time for the Yangshuo tourism generally. As with June, Tai Chi is best practiced out of the sun, early and late in the day. There can be heavy rain for short periods during the Summer which cools the air.

September – Late Summer: Temperatures fall slightly and this can be a very beautiful time in Yangshuo. Septmeber is a good time all over China.

October – Early Autumn: Again this is a beautiful period on Yangshuo. It can be hot still some years or ideal with temperatures 20 -30 ℃and sunny.

November – Autumn: As with October it is generally an amazing time to be in Yangshuo, but some years are less reliable and the 2005 and 2006 seasons were quite wet and cloudy in November.

December: Early Winter: This is still a good time weatherwise though air temperatures drop quickly through the month. It is no unusual to have sunshine and clear blue skies right through to Xmas, in which case temperatures later in the morning onwards are very comfortable.

So why not learn Tai Chi……
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