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Other Basic Expenses?

Yangshuo is one of the most affordable travel destinations in China.? While it is true that the more popular “West Street” is more expensive than other areas of Yangshuo, it is still very cheap compared to the West and remains a good value for the Western traveler.

Restaurants provide a good quality, safe-to-eat for about 15 to 30 RMB per meal。 Generally, it is also fairly safe to eat in places catering to local people or in the markets.? These places are significantly cheaper and meals can be a low as 3 to 6 RMB for a meal of soup noodles or dumplings.

Local transportation is a good value.? The town is easily traversed by foot, thus everything is in walking distance.? However, many people prefer to rent bicycles.? The price ranges from 5-20 RMB per day depending on the quality and style of bicycle.? Many rental places will rent for much cheaper for longer term rentals and for advanced payment.

Motorized bicycles are also available for rental.? Taxis, both motorized bikes and cars, are relatively cheap but make agreement about price and destination prior to getting in or on to avoid any discrepancies.

There are also small shuttle buses all over Yangshuo that can be as little as 1-2 RMB per trip depending on the destination.

Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, and massage therapy are mainstays for the Chinese as well many Tai Chi students.? Acupuncture ranges from 5—60 RMB per session and massages range from 40-100 RMB per hour depending on the establishment.?

So why not learn Tai Chi……
The Yangshuo(West Street)Taiji Quan Health Centre,
Bao Quan Road,
Guangxi GuiLin,

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Home   Tai Chi Chuan   The Teacher   The School   Yangshuo   Contact&Booking
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