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Accommodations and Living Expenses

Yangshuo, in general, is very affordable to most Westerners and has accommodations to suite most budgets.

Hotels are available to suit a range of budgets:

Yangshuo has accommodation to suit most people and budgets

For those students requiring a higher standard, there are brand new hotels providing a good standard ranging from 200 to 350 RMB per night, but there are also good hotels that can be found for 100 –150 RMB per night depending on the location and room type.

The price of a decent hotel room decreases depending on quality, location, and room type and it is not difficult to find rooms for as little as 40-60 RMB per night.

Lower prices may be available if you pay in advance for a long – term stay but the prices rise dramatically during Chinese holiday periods- Chinese New Year (Feb for two weeks), May 1- 5 and October 1-5.

We will assist you with this at the beginning of your stay as best we can.

Long-Term Accommodations

The School is able to provide students with clean, comfortable accommodations within a short walking distance of the school at a reasonable monthly price. Guest House (small flat) rental is on a monthly basis and prices are about 550 RMB depending on the unit and the location. We have good relationships with the owners.

A room in Boarding House 1 with attached bathroom A room in Boarding House 2 with shared bathroom
The rooms are clean and tidy and well presented – House
House 2 is extremely clean and tidy and is well lock

The rooms are supplied with clean bedding, a television, and basic furnishings. The rooms come with hot water and electricity. All units also have heat and cool air- conditioning but they are attached to a meter and additional charges are applied for their use.

Students requiring a higher standard of accomodation can make a long stay arrangement with one of Yangshuo’s hotels.

Please discuss your needs with the School prior to arrival so that we can arrange things for you.

Nb: Each room comes with hot and cold air conditioning but the electricity for this is charged on a meter.

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