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How do I get to the school?

If you are outside China, then travel to china and Guilin is easy and reaonably priced:

Hong Kong, Bangkok, Beijing and Shanghai are major travel hubs and can be reached from most internation airports.

From Hong Kong, you can fly direct to Guilin, or take a cheaper flight from Guangzhou, Shenzhen or Zhuhai which are just across the border of mainland China. Guangzhou has the best schedule.

From Thailand the flights to Guilin are very convenient and reasonably priced on Bangkok Airways or China Southern Airways. The author recommends Bangkok Airways.

If you are in China then travel to Guilin is straightforward:

By Air Guilin airport is the nearest airport and as this is a tourist area, it is well connected to the rest of China From Beijing or Shanghai there are many flights each day to Guilin.

By Train or Bus: Again Guilin is well connected by train to the rest of China. There are direct trains all the from Beijing or Shanghai down to Guilin.

Those more experienced in China can save money on the journey between Guilin and Hong Kong by travel by bus or train to and from Shenzhen. This is approximately 200 – 300Y for both. Note buses will stop at Yangshuo if you ask, but the destination to mention in Shenzhen is Guilin. Train travel to Guilin only.

Please note the local flights are very reasonably priced (600 Y from Guangzhou) and so unless you really to save money we recommend flying to Guilin.

Transfer from Guilin:

Taxis direct from Guilin airport to Yangshuo are expensive 500 Y +, however if you email the school with you arrival time and flight number we can arrange a taxi to meet you at the airport with a card showing you name etc. at a cost of 200Y. This is recommended especially for night time arrivals in Guilin. There is no problem arriving at night as woman in Guilin airport as long as we arrange for a taxi of our choice to meet you.

There is also a low priced bus to Guilin most of the time, where you can arrange a taxi by youself for about 150 – 200Y.

Between Guilin and Yangshuo there are two modes of public transport: Government direct buses betweer Yangshuo Bus Station and Guilin Bus Station which cost 15Y and take an hour and a quarter and Private Buses between the Yangshuo Bus Station area and the Guilin Railway Station for about 12Y which take long, The latter are a stopping service and we do not recommend you use them especially when travelling with luggage. There have been reports of crime on these buses. The owners may try and take advantage of you ignorance and persuade you to take them, but we recommend walking to the bus station.

If you are already in Yangshuo:

Please look at the details on our Contact Page for reaching the school.
So why not learn Tai Chi……
The Yangshuo(West Street)Taiji Quan Health Centre,
Bao Quan Road,
Guangxi GuiLin,

Email us:

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